Thursday, 26 December 2013

Botanical Effects Skin Care..

Salaam & Morning semua..!

Ijah nak share about Botanical Effects Skin Care.
This is one of the skin care range in Mary Kay.
Usually we suggest this range for customers age 25 yrs old & below..

This customised formulas will help us to get a healthy well balanced skin.
Consist of 3 formula :
  • formula 1 - for dry skin
  • formula 2 - for normal/combination skin
  • formula 3 - for oily skin
What 90% of customers feel after using this regime :
  • Skin feel nourished
  • It revitalised skin
  • leaves skin feeling refreshed and thoroughly cleansed
  • It enhances skin overall appearance
All products under this regime are hypoallergenic, free from synthetic dyes, free from added fragrance and the packaging is safe for the planet.

Contains special botanical complex, which are :
  1. Silymarin - powerful antioxidant help defend against environmental damage, also help to calm & soothe the skin
  2. Luo Han Guo - "Longevity" fruit which is a potent antioxidant
Each formula has 4 items, include :
  • 3-in-1 cleanse
  • Mask
  • Freshener
  • Hydrate
Average user usually use this product up to 3-4 months. But the mask can last up to 5-6 month.

If you think that your skin is not balanced and need a formula that is gentle, safe & suitable for sensitive skin,
you should try this skin care regime.

This simple regimen infused with the goodness of botanicals personalised to your skin type will definitely helps to bring out your skins healthy radiance.

Let's make your skin SMILE....

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