Friday, 10 January 2014

Mary Kay Products.. LOVE THEM :) !!

Salaam & Good day semuaa...

I've been using Mary Kay products ranging from skin care, cosmetics, lip care, body care and perfume since more than 3 years already...

For those years, Mary Kay never fail to give me the best. This company has been there in the US for 50 yrs. It enters Malaysia about 13 yrs ago. 

Mary Kay mission is "Enriching Women's Lives" . And for 50 yrs, this company had enriched women in 35 different countries all over the world. So far, there are more than 3.5 millions women who decided to join as Mary Kay Beauty Consultant(BC). I believe each person has their own special reason and situation that make them choose Mary Kay as their career company. Whatever their reason is, i think they made a wise decision.

In Mary Kay, I learn about priorities. From all the important things in this world, i strongly believe putting the priorities; GOD first, FAMILY second, and CAREER third, is the best way of life. 

The next thing i learn is 'THE GOLDEN RULE' : To do unto others as what you want others do unto you.
This rule is really important for us to apply and practised each day.

People keep asking why Mary kay products cannot be found over the counter like other international products out there? It is because we want to give the best to our customers by giving them personalised individual consultation. From there we will discover what are their needs for their skin and we can recommend the best product which suit their needs.

Okie, i hope from my writing here you get to know this company & the products better. For more info kindly visit the official website ->

Enjoy viewing the products i attached below.. any queries you can always contact me :) 

 Loofah body pampering set (left) , Satin hand pampering set (right)

Mary Kay at Play Colors

Creme Lipstick (left), Lipgloss (centre), True Dimension Lipstick (right)

Make up range : Mineral eye colors, finishing spray, mineral cheek colors, eyeliners, mascara

Liquid foundation, Mineral powder foundation, translucent loose powder, concealer, foundation primer


Fragrance FoR Him

MK Men skin care

Solution for Acne prone skin

Botanical Effects Skin care (Left) , Melacep Whitening System (Right)

Timewise Skin care 
Timewise Plus Regina-Firm Set

Take care & discover what you LOVE!