Thursday, 5 June 2014

June is here again!

Assalaam & Good Day!

Dh lama tak menulis kt blog ni. Byk events yg berlaku sepanjang tempoh ni.. Cuma tak ter’update’ kt sini hehe..

As for this week.. ijah dh masuk minggu ke-37 of my pregnancy. Alhamdulillah.. this is my 4th pregnancy.

Farhanah this yr will be 6 yrs old,

Yaya will be 5 yrs old in December,

And faiz pulak gonna be 3 yrs old in November.

Syukur sgt atas setiap nikmat yg Allah berikn..

actually apa yg Allah kurniakan ni adalah yg terbaik n most of the time more than what we expected in our prayers.

Farhanah is doing fine so far.. completed her chemotherapy early this yr..

Then went for radiotherapy for 15x , a total 0f 21 Gy.

Radiation target to her left pre-renal region to get rid of any residual tumour cells,

and another one target to the right parietal bone area, really close to her right eye.

My girl is really tough.. she went tru the treatment and already completed radiotherapy in April.

Thanx a lot to my hubby yg setia jd peneman kakak spjg rawatan.. ummi ade baby ni takleh teman kakak dh ms chemo.

Now, Farhanah is on oral chemotherapy which is the oral cis-retinoic acid.

Planned for 6 cycles which equal to 6 months duration.

Ok la, bila on oral chemo dh tak perlu duduk ward.. kakak pun dh lama tak demam.. ANC stable xde la low sgt.

Cuma kulit dia kering skit n kerap menggelupas.. mmg effect ubat tu. So kena sapu lotion.. mulut so far xde ulcer.

So her appetite pun okie la.. Cuma dia mmg picky eater. Hahaaa..

Yaya pulak dh 6 bulan masuk tadika 5 tahun tu.. kt Cerdas Iman.

Dasyat gak tadika skrg, ada homework almost everyday.. then ade ujian each semester.

Dia happy sgt dpt pi school, ade ramai kwn..

Now dh pandai membaca.. dh pandai baca surah2 hafazan yg pendek2.

Moga Allah pelihara yaya n permudahkn urusan pembelajaran yaya ye.. ummi doakan sokmo ; )

mm.. Faiz pulak cam biasa.. duk umah je bibik jaga.. hehe.. sian anak ummi ni mesti boring kn..

Faiz dh besar kn.. jap lg nk jd abang Faiz dh hehe..

Abi Mustaza plak ape citer?.. hehe.. Alhamdulillah lulus entrance exam utk master program Anesthesiology di HUKM.

Yeyyy.. abi sgt semangat.. I know u can do it!! Alang2 masuk master, buat smp berjaya ye.. Syg will always pray for ur success.

May Allah ease ur way towards success… amiin..

Ada mcm2 lg nk share ni.. hehe.. dh jd mcm esei dh ni.

My mom admitted to DEMC last month, due to Dengue Fever.

Ms tu risau jgk sbb nampak her condition quite bad, already in critical phase dengue during admitted.

Platelet is very low, she looks really tired with no appetite and cant even rest or sleep because of severe headache, diarrhea, nausea, itchy rashes whole body.

Complicated lak ngan hepatitis.. rupanya this is her 2nd time kena dengue. No wonder la teruk lg.

Currently Alhamdulillah, dh back to work n sihat..

Anak2 sedara pun masuk ward ari tu. Abg aish pun suspect dengue.. dayini n rafiqi tonsillitis.

My sis Aishah, selamat melahirkn baby boy in May, normal delivery Alhamdulillah..

Baby membawa rezeki kn.. my sis achieve her Mary Kay Pink car in May n also become the 1st top unit production in Malaysia. Wow.. so proud of u kak sha ; )

Ijah skrg tgh move up my career in MK.. currently as a Future Sales Director (FSD). Starting my DIQ this month of June is really a big decision for me to make.

But I believe that I hv to try my best to achieve my target to have a flexible career according to my own time, because I know this is the best for my family condition now.

Fear won’t bring me anywhere.. to manage the fear, I hv to do the ACTION.

May Allah ease my way to the top in shaa Allah.. pls pray for my success okie!! ; )

Okie la semua.. nnt ijah update lg ye.. doakan ijah selamat melahirkan baby yg sihat..

The due date is on 25th June.. just few days before Ramadhan..

Wassalaam.. n hv a great day! 

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