Thursday, 5 June 2014

June is here again!

Assalaam & Good Day!

Dh lama tak menulis kt blog ni. Byk events yg berlaku sepanjang tempoh ni.. Cuma tak ter’update’ kt sini hehe..

As for this week.. ijah dh masuk minggu ke-37 of my pregnancy. Alhamdulillah.. this is my 4th pregnancy.

Farhanah this yr will be 6 yrs old,

Yaya will be 5 yrs old in December,

And faiz pulak gonna be 3 yrs old in November.

Syukur sgt atas setiap nikmat yg Allah berikn..

actually apa yg Allah kurniakan ni adalah yg terbaik n most of the time more than what we expected in our prayers.

Farhanah is doing fine so far.. completed her chemotherapy early this yr..

Then went for radiotherapy for 15x , a total 0f 21 Gy.

Radiation target to her left pre-renal region to get rid of any residual tumour cells,

and another one target to the right parietal bone area, really close to her right eye.

My girl is really tough.. she went tru the treatment and already completed radiotherapy in April.

Thanx a lot to my hubby yg setia jd peneman kakak spjg rawatan.. ummi ade baby ni takleh teman kakak dh ms chemo.

Now, Farhanah is on oral chemotherapy which is the oral cis-retinoic acid.

Planned for 6 cycles which equal to 6 months duration.

Ok la, bila on oral chemo dh tak perlu duduk ward.. kakak pun dh lama tak demam.. ANC stable xde la low sgt.

Cuma kulit dia kering skit n kerap menggelupas.. mmg effect ubat tu. So kena sapu lotion.. mulut so far xde ulcer.

So her appetite pun okie la.. Cuma dia mmg picky eater. Hahaaa..

Yaya pulak dh 6 bulan masuk tadika 5 tahun tu.. kt Cerdas Iman.

Dasyat gak tadika skrg, ada homework almost everyday.. then ade ujian each semester.

Dia happy sgt dpt pi school, ade ramai kwn..

Now dh pandai membaca.. dh pandai baca surah2 hafazan yg pendek2.

Moga Allah pelihara yaya n permudahkn urusan pembelajaran yaya ye.. ummi doakan sokmo ; )

mm.. Faiz pulak cam biasa.. duk umah je bibik jaga.. hehe.. sian anak ummi ni mesti boring kn..

Faiz dh besar kn.. jap lg nk jd abang Faiz dh hehe..

Abi Mustaza plak ape citer?.. hehe.. Alhamdulillah lulus entrance exam utk master program Anesthesiology di HUKM.

Yeyyy.. abi sgt semangat.. I know u can do it!! Alang2 masuk master, buat smp berjaya ye.. Syg will always pray for ur success.

May Allah ease ur way towards success… amiin..

Ada mcm2 lg nk share ni.. hehe.. dh jd mcm esei dh ni.

My mom admitted to DEMC last month, due to Dengue Fever.

Ms tu risau jgk sbb nampak her condition quite bad, already in critical phase dengue during admitted.

Platelet is very low, she looks really tired with no appetite and cant even rest or sleep because of severe headache, diarrhea, nausea, itchy rashes whole body.

Complicated lak ngan hepatitis.. rupanya this is her 2nd time kena dengue. No wonder la teruk lg.

Currently Alhamdulillah, dh back to work n sihat..

Anak2 sedara pun masuk ward ari tu. Abg aish pun suspect dengue.. dayini n rafiqi tonsillitis.

My sis Aishah, selamat melahirkn baby boy in May, normal delivery Alhamdulillah..

Baby membawa rezeki kn.. my sis achieve her Mary Kay Pink car in May n also become the 1st top unit production in Malaysia. Wow.. so proud of u kak sha ; )

Ijah skrg tgh move up my career in MK.. currently as a Future Sales Director (FSD). Starting my DIQ this month of June is really a big decision for me to make.

But I believe that I hv to try my best to achieve my target to have a flexible career according to my own time, because I know this is the best for my family condition now.

Fear won’t bring me anywhere.. to manage the fear, I hv to do the ACTION.

May Allah ease my way to the top in shaa Allah.. pls pray for my success okie!! ; )

Okie la semua.. nnt ijah update lg ye.. doakan ijah selamat melahirkan baby yg sihat..

The due date is on 25th June.. just few days before Ramadhan..

Wassalaam.. n hv a great day! 

Friday, 10 January 2014

Mary Kay Products.. LOVE THEM :) !!

Salaam & Good day semuaa...

I've been using Mary Kay products ranging from skin care, cosmetics, lip care, body care and perfume since more than 3 years already...

For those years, Mary Kay never fail to give me the best. This company has been there in the US for 50 yrs. It enters Malaysia about 13 yrs ago. 

Mary Kay mission is "Enriching Women's Lives" . And for 50 yrs, this company had enriched women in 35 different countries all over the world. So far, there are more than 3.5 millions women who decided to join as Mary Kay Beauty Consultant(BC). I believe each person has their own special reason and situation that make them choose Mary Kay as their career company. Whatever their reason is, i think they made a wise decision.

In Mary Kay, I learn about priorities. From all the important things in this world, i strongly believe putting the priorities; GOD first, FAMILY second, and CAREER third, is the best way of life. 

The next thing i learn is 'THE GOLDEN RULE' : To do unto others as what you want others do unto you.
This rule is really important for us to apply and practised each day.

People keep asking why Mary kay products cannot be found over the counter like other international products out there? It is because we want to give the best to our customers by giving them personalised individual consultation. From there we will discover what are their needs for their skin and we can recommend the best product which suit their needs.

Okie, i hope from my writing here you get to know this company & the products better. For more info kindly visit the official website ->

Enjoy viewing the products i attached below.. any queries you can always contact me :) 

 Loofah body pampering set (left) , Satin hand pampering set (right)

Mary Kay at Play Colors

Creme Lipstick (left), Lipgloss (centre), True Dimension Lipstick (right)

Make up range : Mineral eye colors, finishing spray, mineral cheek colors, eyeliners, mascara

Liquid foundation, Mineral powder foundation, translucent loose powder, concealer, foundation primer


Fragrance FoR Him

MK Men skin care

Solution for Acne prone skin

Botanical Effects Skin care (Left) , Melacep Whitening System (Right)

Timewise Skin care 
Timewise Plus Regina-Firm Set

Take care & discover what you LOVE!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Botanical Effects Skin Care..

Salaam & Morning semua..!

Ijah nak share about Botanical Effects Skin Care.
This is one of the skin care range in Mary Kay.
Usually we suggest this range for customers age 25 yrs old & below..

This customised formulas will help us to get a healthy well balanced skin.
Consist of 3 formula :
  • formula 1 - for dry skin
  • formula 2 - for normal/combination skin
  • formula 3 - for oily skin
What 90% of customers feel after using this regime :
  • Skin feel nourished
  • It revitalised skin
  • leaves skin feeling refreshed and thoroughly cleansed
  • It enhances skin overall appearance
All products under this regime are hypoallergenic, free from synthetic dyes, free from added fragrance and the packaging is safe for the planet.

Contains special botanical complex, which are :
  1. Silymarin - powerful antioxidant help defend against environmental damage, also help to calm & soothe the skin
  2. Luo Han Guo - "Longevity" fruit which is a potent antioxidant
Each formula has 4 items, include :
  • 3-in-1 cleanse
  • Mask
  • Freshener
  • Hydrate
Average user usually use this product up to 3-4 months. But the mask can last up to 5-6 month.

If you think that your skin is not balanced and need a formula that is gentle, safe & suitable for sensitive skin,
you should try this skin care regime.

This simple regimen infused with the goodness of botanicals personalised to your skin type will definitely helps to bring out your skins healthy radiance.

Let's make your skin SMILE....

Friday, 13 December 2013

Farhanah; si kecil yg penuh semangat!

Salaam & Good day semua...

Apa kabar semua di musim ujan ni? 
Ijah sendiri tak brape sihat sejak 2 hari lps.. mungkin sebab meredah ujan ke tmpt keje tambah dgn kesejukan kt dlm ofis lg.. 

URTI symptom je sebenarnya tp still rs kepala sedikit berat n  badan pun lenguh,.. hehee.. nasib baik tak jangkit kt anak2.. kalo tak kesian pulak kt diorang kn.. 

Balik keje smlm.. mmg cita2 nk tido awal..
so, cuba la tidokn budak2 ni awal.. kol 9 dh suruh diorg baring.. n tepuk2 diorg.. 

Kakak mula tanye : "Naper ummi nk tido awal..?"
Ummi : "Ummi kurang sihat la kakak.. ummi rs mcm nk demam..."
Kakak : "ooo yeke.. mm, tak rs panas pun.." (sambil kakak sentuh dahi ummi, hehe..)
Ummi : "Hehe... mmg la kakak x rasa panas.. sebab badan kakak lg panas dari ummi kn... ok dah.. tido ye.."
Kakak : "Okie ummi.. tp ummi kena dengar ckp kakak tau.. Ummi kena kuat!!" (sambil angkat dua2 tangan tunjuk gaya kuat..)

A simple conversation.. but really means a lot to me..
Her strong spirit n motivation, has simply boost my immunity.. it shows how positive people can affect other peoples life.. and how positive mind.. can fight illnesses and make u stronger.. inside out.. 

I'm glad that i have been surrounded by positive people.. Love u all so much.. u r such an inspiration, kakak :) 

So, umur bukanlah penghalang utk seseorang menjadi pemberi semangat buat insan yg lain.. 
Kena contohi kakak.. always stay positive.. i think her disease n her experiences has created a better, and stronger 'Farhanah'..

Jika kita positive, tiada siapa boleh buat kita sedih, risau atau takut.. semuanya bergantung pd diri kita. We are what we think we are.... Our mind is really strong, use it wisely. 

Sebab tu Allah ciptakan manusia utk menjadi khalifah di muka bumi ini.. manusia ni istimewa sebab kita ada akal.. 
So, hargai lah akal pemberianNya....

Bersyukur lah setiap masa.. kerana dgn bersyukur tidak akn membuatkn kita kekurangan apa2.. malah lebih kaya..kaya dgn ketenangan dan kaya dgn sifat sabar...

Sekian... Thank you Allah.. :)


kurniakanlah kami lisan yang lembut basah mengingati dan menyebut namaMU,
hati yg penuh segar mensyukuri nikmatMu,
serta badan yang ringan menyempurnakan ketaatan kepada perintahMu.

kurniakanlah kami iman yg sempurna, 
hati yg khusyuk, 
ilmu yg berguna, keyakinan yg benar-benar mantap.

kurniakanlah kami cara hidup yg jitu dan unggul,
selamat dari segala mara bahaya dan petaka.
Kami mohon Ya Allah, 
kecukupan yg tidak sampai kami terpaksa meminta jasa orang lain.
Berikanlah kami iman yg sebenarnya sehingga kami tidak lagi gentar atau mengharap orang lain selain
dari Mu..

Kembangkanlah lembayung rahmatMU kepada kami, keluarga dan anak2 kami serta sahabat-sahabat yg bersama kami.
Jangan YA ALLAH, Engkau biarkan nasib kami ditentukan oleh diri kami sendiri; walaupun kadar sekelip mata atau kadar masa yg lebih pendek dari itu.

Wahai Tuhan yang paling mudah dan cepat memperkenankn permintaan hamba..


Monday, 11 November 2013

Mary Kay® True Dimensions™ Lipstick

Hello Gorgeous!!

True Dimension lipstick is the new range of lipstick from Mary Kay company.
In Malaysia, they come in 8 different colors.. 
very nice colors :)

What is so special or different about this True Dimension(TD) lipstick?? 
You never know it until you try it on ur own lips hehee...

I've tried wearing this lipstick.. n it makes my lips smooth & i wont be looking for other lipstick anymore..
TD lipstick is sooo smooth and moist... you dont even have to add on any lipgloss or lip balm..

 Why is it so smooth & extra moist? ...because it contains Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba and Mango Butter – each contains moisturizing benefits.

It also infused with advanced skin care ingredients; which help to smooth fine lines and make lips look fuller. Also contains Vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant to help protect lips from environmental damage.

For more info about this special lipstick, click this link below :

If u are interested to get one for urself, or as a gift to other woman, kindly contact me @ 017-9362689

Have a nice dayyy :) take care...

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Happy Birthday...!!

Salaam & Morning all...!!

Alhamdulillah.. ijah dh start keje since October last month.. 
this time totally new place for me.. new environment.. new friends.. new task.. new responsibilities..

Masuk CRC ni mula2 blur sgt.. tak tau nak buat apa..
tp lps dh pegi GCP course tu dh faham la skit sebanyak.. tunggu nk apply je.. but my task list mmg tak brape clear lg sebab i'm the 1st MO yg direct dari Hospital yg diletakkan di CRC sini. Hopefully by time everything will be crystal clear, in sya Allah..

Anyway, 17th October baru ni birthday my husband.. Happy Birthday abg... Sori hadiah blom dpt yg sesuai lg. So belanja makan dulu la ye.. heheee... hrp abg suka mkn kt situ.. 

Then, 21st October pulak birthday Farhanah.... 
Happy btol dia bila dpt tau birthday dia on that day..
Ummi & abi belikan kek coklat utk kakak... nk wat majlis kt umah x sempat sebab ummi tgh kursus ms tu.. sori ye kakak.. next time insyaAllah...

Tp kakak bagus.. kek tu kakak potong2 n distribute kt kwn2 di kuarters kn.. good girl.. always share ur happiness with others :)
Esk nya baru ummi n abi dpt bwk kakak pi dinner kt luar.. syok sgt tgk kakak berselera btol mkn kt Windmill tu.. ummi tau mushroom sup dia sedap sgt kan.. hehehee..

"Happy birthday my dear girl.. hope u will live more happy years ahead in sya Allah..
May Allah grant u the strength, courage, happiness & the most important good health....amiin.."

Mmm... ari ni pulak birthday my baby boy.. Faiz yg tembam!!
Faiz dah umur 2 tahun ni... dh besar pun anak ummi ni.. jgn nangis2 lagi k.. jgn asyik nak dukung je.. Faiz kena rajin jalan sendiri okey!! hehee.. Good boy ni.. 
Nnt kakak n abi balik dari ward baru kita sambut birthday faiz pulak k.. 

Kakak admitted ward lg hari ni after 2 bulan dh x masuk ward.. today akn resume chemotherapy another cycle..
Kakak dgr cakap abi okie.. jgn nangis2.. mesti mkn n minum air byk2 tau.. bg byk tenaga.. time mkn ubat mesti ikut ckp abi... bg cepat sihat.. buku ummi dh beli nnt kakak minta abi ajarkn ye.. nnt lagi seminggu kakak balik umah lg.. leh jumpa ummi n adik2 semula.. dont worry k..
Take care my dear!!.. in sya Allah everything will b just fine..

Thanx abg sebab amik cuti utk jaga kakak.. maklumlah cuti ummi kan dh abis.. huhuu... i know she will b just fine with u there... abg jgn lupa mkn ubat :) take care!!